Diplomatic Administrative Services 

Diplomatic Protocol Administration Assistance

Our Services 

Assistance and submission for all Protocol related documentation.

 Protocol Services

  •  Announcements
  •  Note Verbal's
  •  Diplomatic ID Cards
  • Temporary Residence Permit
  • Certificate A/B for importation of personal belongings and vehicles
  • Permission to purchase vehicles
  • Importation of Vehicles - NB! NO LEFT HAND vehicles may be imported to South Africa
  • Registration of vehicles

  • VAT Claims of Vehicles

  • Number plates for vehicles

  • Fuel Rebate Registration and Fuel Claims

  • Permission to sell vehicle (at end of term)

  • De-registering of vehicle

  • De-registering of officials/Domestic Assistants (end of term)

  • Refund of VAT on departure

  • DIRCO Annual Audits

General Services

  • Opening of Bank Accounts

  • Initiating Insurance policies for vehicles

  • Finding of suitable office or residential accommodation

  • Purchasing and selling of a vehicle

  • Importation of pets


             Additional Services


  • Travel and tour packages

  • Application for visas - missions or vacation

  • Conference and Events packages

  • Information for Restaurants and function facilities 

  • Concierge Services